Matt Floyd had worked in retail all of his teenage and adult life, so customer care and customer experience has always been important to him. After many years of working in sales, Matt was able to find his passion in roofing. After seeing what other customers were experiencing, he knew there had to be a different way to ensure customers have a smooth, friendly, and easy experience.

In 2018, Hometown Roofing was born. A company built off the values that matter most to him. Values such as family, community, trust, transparency and taking care of those around him. These very values that he lives by is what separates him from the rest. Providing you with a customer experience that simply can’t be beat.

It starts with Hometown Roofing’s Kansas City staff. Matt knows from his own experience that a background in customer service is key to making the roofing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Why? Because the focus is on the customer’s needs, not the product.

“We have the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and get to build long term relationships them. We are constantly learning and executing new processes to help us improve our customers’ experience, which I love. Something about being on a roof and helping others just feels right.” — Matt Floyd, Hometown Roofing KC

Communication is key each step of the way.

Our Kansas City roofing experts will walk you through every detail, communicate with your insurance company, and leave your property better than it was before we started—right down to sweeping up right before we leave. Clients say over and over again how much they’ve appreciated the transparency of our process, the honesty of our staff, and our attention to detail.